Welcome to your community input page for the Abingdon Pumptrack and Skills Course

Project Description

Welcome to your bike park assessment page! PBR is working alongside Abingdon to design and develop the Abingdon Pumptrack and Skills Course. The goal of this page is for you to help us determine what styles of obstacles/features you are interested in incorporating onto those trails.


A city typically has facilities for most sports, but mountain biking has historically been overlooked. In the past, mountain bikers had to rely on their own skills in ramp and obstacle building to practice their sport, but as the sport has grown exponentially in the past ten years, bike parks are becoming just as common as a tennis court. A bike park is a place where riders can go to practice bike handling techniques, meet with friends, and challenge themselves in a controlled environment. Bike parks have trails specifically designed for mountain bike use across all skills levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. The bike park being planned in your community will have dirt trails with prefabricated wooden features, dirt features, jumps and an asphalt pumptrack.


Velosolutions pumptracks are both playgrounds and training facilities for riders of all skill levels. Asphalted tracks are hotspots for all kinds of riders who seek a fun and action-filled sports experience. pumptracks are highly popular destinations that become a hive of community activity. Riders enjoy practicing the basic skills of carrying momentum, improving balance and building speed by using their arms and legs to pump their bike/board/scooter around the track. As riders improve their skills, the tracks are designed to provide the option for more challenges with increased speed and skill, without needing to change the construction. A feature that a 5-year-old can roll through can be used as a gap jump for a professional.


Progressive Bike Ramps is the only US manufactured pre-fabricated line of ramps specifically designed for mountain biking. The benefit to having wooden pre-fabricated features is to give riders a virtually maintenance-free product designed to enhance bike riding skills and trail experience. Technical trail features are purpose built features that add a degree of difficulty and fun to a trail. Sometimes these features are built to span areas, other times they exist purely as an alternate line to a trail.

 Project goals

We are so excited to see so many riders taking an interest in this community, and we want to reward your engagement with some more developed trails and features. Our intention is to bring you a fresh design. This new and exciting experience will be enjoyed for generations to come.

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What’s Next

As soon as all the survey results are in, we’ll get right to work designing your action sports park. After that, we’ll work with the county parks and rec department to finalize the design!

Abingdon, VA

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